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2014 CWA Advocacy Priorities

The Community Wellness Alliance aims to improve health outcomes for all residents of the District of the Columbia metro area, with emphasis on the underserved and minority populations. To accomplish these goals, CWA will work with governmental partners in the District of the Columbia and Maryland to achieve the following:

Increase the District’s spending on chronic disease programs, infrastructure and related activities.

  1. At least double Council’s FY14 $850,000 appropriation to the Department of Health for grants to chronic disease non-profits; increase total investment to $1,700,000 – $3 million for chronic disease programs, including cancer, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, asthma, and others.
  1. Double Council’s investment in tobacco control to at least $1 million, to support the tobacco quitline, cessation services, and related activities.
  1. Expedite full-funding of the Tobacco Cessation Fund to FY15, not FY18.
  1. Develop model legislation for development of a Chronic Disease Prevention and Treatment Fund.
  1. Develop partnerships with relevant community and governmental agencies in Maryland and assess health investment needs in the state.


Support District and Maryland efforts to implement the Affordable Care Act and Medicaid expansion, which provide critical services and support for those affected by and prevention of chronic diseases.

  1. Monitor and ensure appropriate outreach and marketing to underserved communities.
  1. Partner with the DC Health Benefit Exchange Authority and Maryland Health Connection to provide direct community outreach and education.
  1. Work with appropriate state agencies and partners to ensure contract compliance, network adequacy, and sufficient access to care among DC and MD’s managed care organizations.


Support Enforcement of the District and Maryland’s indoor and outdoor smoke-free laws

  1. Work with relevant governmental agencies to promote awareness, enforcement, and when applicable, issuance of citations and penalties for DC and MD’s smoke-free laws.
  1. Monitor proliferation of “hookah bars” in DC and work with DC DOH to enforce indoor air laws.
  1. Partner with appropriate community and governmental agencies to contribute to implementation and enforcement of DC’s new outdoor smoke-free law, pertaining to parks, recreation facilities, bus stops, and other venues.
  1. Conduct research to identify national best practices for enforcement of smoke-free laws.

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Our Mission

To improve health and wellness outcomes of residents of the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia through education, outreach and advocacy utilizing partnerships and collaboration.

Our Focus Areas

Cardiovascular Disease
Mental Health

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